Mr. Dorji Khandu founded TRAVEL TO BHUTAN in 2001. Mr. Khandu has trained and worked as a guide since 1990, and with the experience and contacts he gained during these years he made the decision to open TRAVEL TO BHUTAN. Over the years Mr. Khandu has escorted many people from many nations all across Bhutan, introducing his clients to his country and his countrymen. TRAVEL TO BHUTAN and its government certified guides take great pleasure and pride in welcoming visitors to Bhutan and ensuring they have the experience that best suits their needs, interests and budget.

Our mission is to provide value-added services to the visitors who come to experience Bhutan. In addition to the cultural tours and trekking tours that are our most popular programs, we also offer bird watching, biking, motorcycling, botanic, photographic, and spiritual programs, and can incorporate any of your interests into your Bhutan program. Our guides are friendly, well trained, knowledgeable and English speaking, all certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Based on requests we can also provide guides who speak Japanese, German and French.

With TRAVEL TO BHUTAN you not only visit Bhutan; we introduce you to our friends and culture so that you become, if only for a short period of time, a part of Bhutan.  We want to share the Bhutanese warmth and welcome you into our country and will do our best to see that your visit is one that you will forever remember and treasure. We will explain Bhutanese history and culture to you and make it come alive by visits with our friends, local monks, and introductions to our many contacts.

To assist us in making your trip memorable we will want to know your interests, amount of time you would like to spend in Bhutan and your budget. With this information we will offer you options so that you may choose what best suits your needs.