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Tucked away in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful yet remote countries in the world. Once secretive and closed nation has opened its doors to limited tourism only three decades ago. Tourism in Bhutan is still regulated through a policy of high value tourism. At this time and age when tourism most often dictates national economics, travel to Bhutan is still a refreshing experience. Here, a deeply ingrained sense of hospitality, a world-class natural environment and a living culture ensures every traveler the best that any nation has to offer. Trip to Bhutan is really an exploration.

Visit Bhutan and explore a tradition and culture that has been preserved through the centuries. In Bhutan, it is not about seeing a display showcased for tourists but living and sharing an experience with the Bhutanese. From religious festivals to a celebration on a farm or a game of archery, become a part of it all. Traveling to Bhutan is truly interactive.

Inspired by GNH, Bhutan measures its societal progress by the collective happiness of its people, in addition the socio-economic development is one of the contributing factors. Other than GDP, Bhutan places equal emphasis on Cultural Preservation, Environmental Conservation and Good Governance. Pursuit of happiness is a prerogative of every Bhutanese.

We are the destination management company in Bhutan with experienced and dedication tours in Cultural, Trekking and Festival Tours etc. We have quality reputation for providing a highly premium service to all of our valuable clients. We offer you fascinating tours & treks in Bhutan. In your adventures in Bhutan you will make plenty of amazing discoveries and experience oriental renaissance of the age old culture and tradition and also the arts and architecture, while enjoying your stay in Bhutan.

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